Return Form

Return To:
AntiClothes, LLC
PO Box 2391
San Leandro, CA

PLEASE NOTE: Send package via USPS only, we cannot accept UPS/FedEx packages at this location. Please contact us if this is an issue. (

NOTE:   AC = AntiClothes   |   DT = DeezTeez   |   FF = ForeverFast

Items to exchange for

If you do not list any new items, we will assume you would like a refund and that will be applied to your card upon receiving your return.

Payment Information

Exchanges are free! But if you are adding a more expensive item, or adding additional items, please include your credit card information. Shipping is 5$ flat rate for any amount of new items.

Please write in this information after you print the page.



After you've filled out this form, please print and include it with your return.
It will be processed upon AntiClothes receiving it. If you do not receive any notifications within 2 weeks of returning, please contact us.